Where jobs & the environment meet   ·   April 13, 2015, Washington, D.C.
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Capturing Opportunities in U.S. Clean Energy Manufacturing

Monday, February 10   ·   2:00PM - 3:30PM

While policies to spur the clean energy economy suffer starts and stops, many U.S. manufacturers and workers are forging ahead to ensure key roles in the clean energy technology sector. Sectors such as steel, paper, aluminum, glass—and a host of others—are supplying the components for clean energy technologies and making investments in energy efficiency. This workshop will highlight U.S. manufacturers and manufacturing workers who produce clean energy components and products, and explore the policies and initiatives necessary to expand not just a clean energy economy, but domestic manufacturing and manufacturing jobs.

Roxanne Brown, Assistant Legislative Director, United Steelworkers

Elizabeth Wayman, Renewable Energy (EERE), Department of Energy (Invited)
Nate Aden, Research Fellow, World Resources Institute
Member, United Steelworkers
Chris Keuleman, Director, Government Relations, International Paper (Invited)