Where jobs & the environment meet   ·   June 6, 2016, Cleveland, OH
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Good Jobs, Green Jobs 2015 takes place April 13 in Washington, D.C. at the Washington Hilton Hotel. Good Jobs, Green Jobs is the nation’s leading forum for strategizing and implementing environmental solutions that create and maintain quality, family-sustaining jobs and ensure the health and safety of our workplaces and communities.

This year’s Conference is focused on Energizing America. Our energy infrastructure is critical to determining how we address the threat of climate change, how we create family-sustaining jobs and increase global competitiveness, and how we protect the environment and secure the economy for generations to come. Accelerating the deployment of renewable energy, scaling up energy efficiency in our built environment, and upgrading and repairing our energy distribution systems are all critical components of achieving that goal.

The 2015 Conference will build upon the success of previous Conferences that brought together thousands of business, labor, environmental and non-profit leaders to turn ideas into action.

Registration will open in the near future.